Policolor, Romanian manufacturer of lacquers and paints, launches today the newest premium product in the SPOR range: Spor Villa Yacht 3 in 1, glossy water-based

25 July 2021

Ultra-protection for wooden surfaces! Glossy water-based

Wooden surfaces need protection to maintain a pleasant appearance and to last as long as possible. That’s why specialists recommend the use of a protective

25 July 2021

The best-selling shade of washable paint

You know that I like colors for the emotion they create for us and for the energy they send, especially in an interior design, so



Adela Parvu offers you ideas for the room with white walls

Her ideas for arranging the house go viral on social networks, and the TV show in which she is the protagonist dominated the Romanian audiences. Adela Parvu is without a doubt the strongest

Diana Mihaila, about strong colors and optimal organization in interior design

You would paint an entire wall bright blue… maybe even Timeless blue? How about a red sofa like fire? Do you like bright colors, but don’t know exactly how to incorporate them into

How it was at the workshop with Gabriela Ralea: interior design tricks and how to refresh your house

Have you ever had to get home after a tiring day at work, open the apartment door and get bored? It happens to all of us to look at the same white walls,